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Super Slim Jig Box
Our Price: $7.00
Rocket Spoon Kit
Our Price: $8.00
Large Jig Box
Our Price: $8.00
176 Jig capacity super slim jig box. Our 5 piece Non-Glow Rocket Spoon Kit gives you one of each popular color to put fish in your bucket! High quality materials and gold hook.
Size: #8 hook
300+ Jig capacity, double sided solid jig box with clear lid.
Ice Larvae 6 pack
Our Price: $10.00
Ice Minnow Kit
Our Price: $10.00
Vertical Ice Larvae
Our Price: $12.00
Our Ice Larvae kit includes 6 of our high quality jigs which feature the same high quality materials as our other jigs. One of each color shown. GLOW
Size: #12 hook
Our original Ice Minnow Jigs come standard with gold hooks and high quality powder paint. This kit does NOT have Glow.
Size: #10 hook
Set of 8
Our Vertical Ice Larvae Jigs our made with the same high quality materials as the rest of our products! This is a very versatile jig that allows you to fish with any technique you might have to offer! GLOW set of 6

#12 hook
Classic Tungsten Set
Our Price: $15.00
Tungsten Duals - 6pk
Our Price: $15.50
4mm set of 6 tungsten tear drop jigs. High quality allows you to catch a ton of fish off one jig!

Made with Japanese Hayabusa sticky sharp hooks, you can assure that your next bite will be topside in no time! Made with our same quality products and hand painted jig by jig, you can count on the Classic Tungsten to get you that next bite. Tungsten "Duals" is a double color combo that has the high performance detail any fish would want!
Hyper Bug
Our Price: $15.50
All NEW 2015/2016 "Hyper Bug"! Comes in sets of 6 (1 of each color) or available in individual colors under the "Tungsten Jig" tab.
SIZE: 4mm
Set of 8 Tungsten Ice Jigs featuring our top quality materials. One of each color.

Size: 4mm #12 hook
Our newest and most realistic Tungsten Jigs yet! 4mm Tungsten tear drop jigs with sticky sharp hooks, can it get any better? Available NOW!

Qty: 8 Tungsten Jigs
Tungsten PRO Kit
Our Price: $52.00
This set of Tungsten Tear Drop Jigs includes 16 of our highest quality 4mm tungsten. Made with our highest quality materials that every one of our products is made of! Sinks 2x faster then traditional lead jigs. Best Value!
Size: 4mm - #12 hook
Color: *2 of each color jig*
This kit includes 6 Tungsten Duals, 8 Standard Tungsten, 6 Hybrid Moo Cows, 10pk of Plastics and Small Jig Box. Our highest quality of ice fishing products put into a kit ready to fish!